Farm to Fork Meat
Offering local, new pasture, high foraging, GMO FREE meats, eggs, dairy, seafood and beyond organic heirloom produce, a la carte - every week.

2800-142 Sumner Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27616
Hours: Tues.- Fri. 12pm - 7pm & Sat. 10am - 2pm
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Farm to Fork Meat - Category Index
Beverage Cooler
Candy Counter
Carrboro Coffee Roasters
     Barista Equipment
Culinary Accessories
Day Trip WILD CAUGHT Seafood
Earth's Living Clay
Fats, Oils, Nut Butters & Coconut
Gluten Free Baked Goods
     Bread Loaves, Buns & Rolls
     Dry Mixes
     Frozen Kits
     Snack Packs
Grassfed GMO Free Dairy
     Grass Fed GMO FREE Jersey Butter
     Grass Fed GMO FREE Jersey Raw Cheese
Grassfed GMO Free Raw Dairy
High Foraged GMO FREE Pork
     Bulk Sausages
     Chops & Loins
     Ground, Stew & Stir Fry
     Ribs and Bones
     Roasts & Hams
     Sausage Links & Patties
     Skins, Organs, Feet, Tail, Ears & Pet Food
High Foraged GMO Free Eggs
High Foraged GMO FREE Poultry
     Bones, Feet & Organs
     Dark Meat
     White meat
Meals for Meenakshi
Micro Greens, Herbs & Sprouts
     Micro Greens *order M&Th for T&F delivery*
     Micro Herbs *order M&Th for T&F delivery*
     Sprouts *order M&Th for T&F delivery*
Mob Grazed Beef
     Cold Cuts
     Ground Beef and Burgers
     Liver, Tongue, Heart and Tail
Mob Grazed Veal
     Ground, Stew & Scaloppini
     Organ Meat
Natural Medicine Cabinet
     Herbal Syrups
Never Sprayed Produce & Nuts
     Faucette Farms
     Fermented Veggies
     Fruits *order by 11am for next day delivery*
     Produce bags
     Veggies *order by 11am for next day delivery*
     Coconut Products
     GMO FREE Honey, Maple, Preserves & Nut Butters
     GMO FREE Nuts, Grains and Flour
     GMO FREE Paleo Wraps, Popcorn & gRAWnola (Gluten Free)
     GMO FREE Salt & Sweeteners
     Organic Spices
     Sauces, Cream Sherry & Olive Oil
Pet Food / Animal Feed
     Bar Soaps
     Dental Care
     Facial Creme & Scrubs
     Kids & Baby Products
     Laundry, Household Cleaners & Skoy Cloths
          Kitchen & Bath
     Lip Balm & Body Butter
     Liquid Soaps & BO Buster
     Lotions & Medicinal Balms
Snack Bar