Farm to Fork Meat
Offering local, new pasture, high foraging, SOY FREE & GMO FREE meats, eggs, dairy, seafood and beyond organic heirloom produce, a la carte - every week. Open T noon-3pm, W & Th 10:30am-3pm, F 12-7pm & Sat 10am-2pm
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Welcome to Farm to Fork Meat.

Are you searching for nutrient dense, high foraging, mob grazed, SOY FREE & GMO FREE meats, eggs, dairy and never been sprayed fruits and vegetables produced within 50 miles of North Raleigh? Are you looking to support a lifestyle with foods from within our hunting range? Are you interested in supporting a 100% GMO FREE lifestyle with MACRO NUTRIENTS rich in MICRO NUTRIENTS?

We are a third party Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) Program offering you all of this plus so much more. We also offer nutrient dense practical pantry items such as coconut products, nutrient dense gluten free baked goods, SOY FREE & GMO FREE - PETROLEUM FREE skin, hair and household cleaning products and lots more! North Carolina farmers, ranchers, anglers and artisans are our partners.

All of us at Farm to Fork Meat work to minimize our carbon footprint and offer high foraging, mob grazed beef, lamb, goat and veal as well as high foraging SOY FREE & GMO FREE pork, chicken, duck, holiday geese & turkeys, eggs & dairy products! We support small anglers that offer you fresh, never frozen, 1-3 day trip local NC seafood every week.

We offer power packed micro greens, micro herbs and wheat grass as well as heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables, NEVER GMO or Round Up Ready varieties. Our produce farmers practice integrated pest management. It's about striking that crucial balance between protecting crops and protecting the environment by encouraging natural biological control. Sustainably grown, beyond organic chemical free produce all year round.

We believe that we cannot have real food without real farmers and in this age of fast food and big business, our farmers are in crisis. We strive to protect and advocate for them and in turn, improve our health, our lives and our local economy while educating the community about how to use REAL FOOD as medicine. Please click on the legal tab at the bottom of our home page and read it carefully.

For more about what we do and a brief introduction to who we are check out our About Us/FAQ page or better yet, come visit us in North Raleigh at our CSA Distribution Location & Learning Center!

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